Bridget & Andrew | Classic Vintage Movie Theater Engagement

October 16, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Butterfly Designs + Photo

Who doesn't like going to the movies, especially a classic vintage theater? You don't see them around that often anymore, so why not get them to show everyone your love.


I met Bridget and Andrew by filling in for Farfalla Designs, and boy, I'm glad I did. These two right here fit my style, from the pin-up hairstyle to the vintage 70s style to the awesome tattoos. These are my people, haha. They told me before the session that they would need direction, but I gave them a simple guide they fell right into place like true pros. Every time I told Bridget to look at Andrew, she started to laugh; now, is that a good thing or a bad thing the world may never know? No, we do know. She feels comfortable with him and enjoys him. Every time she looks at him, she sees her happiness and joy. 


Andrew popped the question to Bridget in Rainbow falls, TN, right after she got done almost falling down the side of a hill. He knew she would be ok and felt he had ample time to get set up and ready, haha. Oh, let me not forget about Mr. Guapo. There little 8yr old stud who was the star of the show as soon as he popped on the scene. It was his way or no way, but when we all cooperated, we got it done. Glad I got to meet these two, and I cant wait to see them again on their wedding day with Farfalla Designs

I hope everyone enjoys them!!!

Thanks for reading!




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